Kerberos Configuration Files

The Fermilab Kerberos configuration file is available in four formats, for SL7 (MIT Kerberos), for CentOS 8 (MIT Kerberos), for Macintosh OS X (Heimdal Kerberos) and for Kerberos for Windows.  These text files can be downloaded from the individual links below.

The current version of the krb5.conf configuration file is v5.6 released on March 31st, 2021 (the configuration file is infrequently updated).

Further documentation on the Kerberos configuration file can be found in Strong Authentication Guide Chapter 16: The Kerberos Configuration File: krb5.conf.

Macintosh users should also see Chapter 22: Kerberos on a Macintosh System in the Client Configuration section for details specific to the Kerberos configuration on a Macintosh.


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