Kerberos Configuration Files

The Fermilab Kerberos configuration file is available in four formats, for SL7 (MIT Kerberos), for CentOS 8 (MIT Kerberos), for Macintosh OS X (Heimdal Kerberos) and for Kerberos for Windows.  These text files can be downloaded from the individual links below.

The current version of the krb5.conf configuration file is v5.7-3 released on May 16th, 2023 (the configuration file is infrequently updated).

Further documentation on the Kerberos configuration file can be found in Strong Authentication Guide Chapter 16: The Kerberos Configuration File: krb5.conf.

Macintosh users should also see Chapter 22: Kerberos on a Macintosh System in the Client Configuration section for details specific to the Kerberos configuration on a Macintosh.


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